Recent technological advancements opened numerous possibilities for sports betting fans in Africa. Just 20 years ago, you had to visit a physical bookmaker to place a wager. What’s more, bookies were often the only place where punters could watch live broadcasts of games, as not every other match was shown on TV. Nowadays, none of those things are relevant. Everyone has limitless access to betting services, live streaming, and online casino games through their smartphones. The development of data transferring technologies and the global spread of cellular networks allowed bookies to introduce totally new games. Virtual soccer betting is one of such activities. What makes it different from traditional football and how can you predict the results of computer-simulated matches? Let’s find out!

What Is Virtual Soccer in Betting?

Virtual football refers to a computer-simulated game, which is fairly similar to traditional soccer in terms of rules and gameplay. Electronic online matches are significantly shorter than physical football events. If you have ever tried playing FIFA or other soccer simulators, you are probably well-familiar with such games. You choose a certain team and compete against another gamer or a computer.
However, virtual football doesn’t have players backing up the teams. The whole match is 100% computer-simulated; humans can’t influence the game in any way. Why is this fact important to know? Unlike in cybersports, a score in virtual football isn’t impacted by players’ skills. The system automatically calculates every aspect of the game and produces a 100% unbiased result.
Since there are no outside factors to influence the game, virtual football is 100% unpredictable. In real football, you should expect the odds to depend on numerous factors. Each season in every league requires careful analysis to produce reliable predictions. Virtual soccer is a totally different thing. Although you are still provided with detailed statistics, they hardly make much sense since computer simulations guarantee randomized outcomes.
But how do you win then? Well, there’s no certain way to predict the results of each match. Much like roulette and similar card games, virtual football is a luck-dependent activity, which is hardly influenced by skill. Your chance of winning a wager in virtual games is quite accurately represented by the odds provided by Parimatch.

How to Read Virtual Soccer Odds on Parimatch?

Similar to all other betting activities, odds in virtual soccer indicate the probability of any event’s occurrence. Therefore, any odds in this discipline should be perceived as a mathematical expression of your chances to win or lose a given bet. Since the results of matches are free of any outside influence (whether it’s the human factor, weather, or any other impact), odds provided for virtual football are more accurate than its traditional counterpart’s ones. If your betting app is offering odds of 0.20 on a virtual team’s victory, the possibility of this event happening is extremely close to the stated 20%.

The Difference Between Pre-Match and Live Betting Odds in Virtual Soccer

There are no in-play bets available for virtual football. You can only make a stake before a game begins; once the virtual whistle is blown, all betting lines are closed. Players can watch the live broadcast or make their wagers on upcoming events. Matches in virtual sports are processed extremely fast – one game hardly takes more than a couple of minutes. In such conditions, providing players with some possibility to bet in-play is simply impossible. Payment systems can’t process transactions fast enough to satisfy the demand. Fans of live betting should choose a different sport since virtual football can’t meet their needs.

How to Make a Bet on Virtual Soccer on Parimatch

  1. Step 1
  2. Start with opening either the official Parimatch website or the company’s mobile application. It’s worth noting that players from Tanzania need to possess fully completed and verified accounts to gain access to the betting services. If you don’t have an account yet, make sure to sign up!
    How to Make a Bet on Virtual Soccer on Parimatch Step 1

  3. Step 2
  4. Go to the Virtuals tab and find Football among available categories. You’ll see a variety of tournaments and games. Pick any one you prefer and click Play to proceed.
    How to Make a Bet on Virtual Soccer on Parimatch Step 2

  5. Step 3
  6. Click on the odds to add a stake to your betslip. Similar to traditional betting, a betslip in virtual sports is used to manage all your bets within one window. Specify the amount you want to wager and confirm the transaction. If you don’t have any available funds on your account, you’ll need to make a deposit to continue.
    How to Make a Bet on Virtual Soccer on Parimatch Step 3


Overall, virtual football is a great way to gain some new gaming experience. If you are tired of traditional football or just want to see what modern technologies can do, consider giving virtual soccer a chance. Make sure that you understand the specifics of this activity and avoid rushing into the game without any preparations.