Any betting app around needs a tool for managing all wagers in one place. This tool is referred to as a betslip, and it comes from traditional, offline sports betting. In the past, betslips were represented by lists of paper, which you had to fill in manually in order to place a stake. With the emergence of online betting, betslips have evolved into what they are today – convenient instruments for creating, changing, or deleting independent wagers, parlays, and systems. Any decent bookmaker should provide this tool on their website. This article will primarily concentrate on reviewing Parimatch’s betslip; other bookies have similar tools, so there’s no point in explaining each one in detail.

What Is Betslip and How It Works?

As mentioned earlier, the Betslip menu offered by Parimatch Tanzania is used to manage all your wagers. It allows you to access any necessary tool without leaving the current page, which is extremely convenient if your strategy involves placing several wagers on one event. Punters can also access the betslip in the company’s official mobile application. In the PC version, the menu can be found on the top right side of the screen, on all pages dedicated to sports betting.
What Is Betslip and How It Works
The whole system functions quite simply, so new users can get accustomed to it after a couple of bets. Just click on any odd you see on the screen to add the bet to the betslip. Your wager will appear in the menu immediately. By default, the system places a minimum bet (300 TZS) on all outcomes added to the betslip, so make sure to specify the amount of money you want to place.
What Is Betslip and How It Works Parimatch

What Does “Add to Betslip” Mean?

Adding a wager to a betslip means transferring a certain outcome to the menu, where you can access the bet at any convenient time (well, before the event starts). Once added to the betslip, all the odds will be automatically saved there as long as you need them or right until you place the bet. To add outcomes to the menu, you don’t need to be logged in, so anyone can try out the system before setting up an account with Parimatch. However, making a deposit and actually placing a bet requires punters to possess fully verified profiles.

How to Check Betslip on Parimatch?

As the leading betting website in Africa, Parimatch provides the most convenient digital betslip solution on the market. It can be accessed from any page related to sports betting. The Betslip menu can be found to the right of each page’s main content. It’s also worth noting that the tool moves along as you scroll down. This feature is especially convenient on pages with a wide selection of available wagers or when going through the list of bet categories.
To check their betslips, players don’t really need to perform any additional actions – a quick glance at the menu will reveal all the necessary information. The betslip contains 3 sections – single bets, parlays, and systems. You can switch between them by clicking on each category’s name. A parlay requires you to have 2 wagers in the betslip, while a system needs 3 bets to be processed. The system automatically calculates anticipated winnings based on current coefficients and deducts the tax from that sum.

How to Use Betslip on Parimatch (Soccer event example)

  1. Tip 1
  2. Want to win big? Don’t hesitate to use Betslip’s capabilities to their maximum! Some sites limit the number of separate wagers you can add to the list (for instance, 10 stakes at a time are often the maximum available number), but not Parimatch. When betting on soccer, check out all available bets and add as many of them to the betslip as you consider needed. Remember that you can delete them at any moment just by clicking on odds again.

  3. Tip 2
  4. The system does all the calculations for you. Make use of this feature, especially if you are betting on live soccer. Possible payouts change in real time as you modify the wager amount. The bet total and possible payouts are always available at the bottom of the list.

  5. Tip 3
  6. A properly designed system or parlay can bring you significant profits while allowing you to avoid high risks. Make sure to analyze each wager carefully to come up with the most profitable solution.