Buying Points

Many sportsbooks offer bettors the option to buy points on point spread bets in football and basketball. Buying points allows you to give away fewer points […]

Public Underdogs

Taking a good hard look at underdogs before placing a bet on any favorites is a good habit to adopt. Often the public’s adoration for […]

Should I Pay For Picks?

Odds are, if you are sports bettor, or just a sports fan who makes occasional bets, you’ve seen ads promoting the handicapper who always win […]

Key Sports Betting Numbers

Key numbers are the most common margins of victory in football and basketball, which also makes them the most desired point spreads by bettors wagering […]

Line Shopping

Bettors who limit themselves to just one book, and don’t take the time to line shop, often cheat themselves out of potential profits in both […]

Specialize in One Sport

Sportsbooks offer all kinds of events to bet on all year long. September brings NFL and college football that runs through January; October brings the […]

Teaser Odds Explained

Football and basketball bettors know only too well how tough the point spread can be to beat on a week-to-week basis. Sometimes you may like […]

What Line Moves Can Tell Us

After oddsmakers release their opening lines at sportsbooks, the betting public almost immediately reveals which side of the number they like more and moves them […]

Who Sets The Line?

Understanding how point spreads work is essential in order to be a successful bettor. But thinking like an oddsmaker and setting your own lines before […]

Zig-Zag Theory Explained

The Zig-Zag Theory is a betting system many handicappers follow that applies to all NHL and NBA best-of-seven playoff series that use the 2-2-1-1-1 format. […]