When trying to predict an outcome of a match, most bettors prefer to either back their favored team or just support a stronger competitor. Very few punters bet draws intentionally, as this type of wagers is considered too unpredictable. But is this really the case with draw betting? Let’s find out!

What Is Draw Betting?

Betting on ties is among the least popular strategies around, as many punters believe draws to occur completely randomly. However, with a well-thought-out strategy, some logical thinking, and proper analysis, draw betting can turn out rather profitable. Mind that you aren’t pursuing a 50% winning percentage here; prepare to lose around 70% of tie bets. To make a profit of draw betting, remember that the odds can be misleading. For instance, imagine 2 games with coefficients of 1.70 x 3.30 x 5.80 and 2.60 x 3.30 x 2.80. Although it may seem like the chances of both games to result in a draw are identical, in reality, things are completely different. In the first match, a tie is far more likely to happen than the second team’s victory. In the following game, chances of a draw are the lowest of all, so the odd given on this outcome is the largest.

Best Draw Betting Strategies

    • Bend on motivation

Consider each team’s motivation when making your wager. Motivation is significantly influenced by their positions in a league, anticipated results, and recent performance of both competitors. When the 2 teams are at the same level, both will be highly motivated to win.

    • Fewer goals, better chance

If both competitors are known to score high, avoid betting on a draw in such a game. You’re looking for a match with the smallest possible number of goals, as it’s most likely to end with a tie.

    • Stacked on draws

A team that shows a consequence of draws within one season is probably following some strategy. If a certain club is constantly making draw series, pay close attention to its performance.

    • Past results

Make sure to analyze recent results shown by both competitors. A significant percentage of draws between the 2 clubs may indicate that there’s a local tie going on, implying that each team is trying to avoid a loss rather than striving to win.

    • The progressive draw betting strategy

The Martingale method, which originated from roulette, is the most popular progressive betting strategy. It involves doubling up your stake after each loss, allowing you to achieve steady profits in the long-term.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of This Draw Betting Strategy?

The Martingale method can bring you some decent money, especially if you are lucky enough to avoid losing more than a couple of bets in a row. However, several consecutive losses will be absolutely devastating for your budget, ruining the whole point of applying this strategy.

What Are Alternative Strategies to Bets on Draw?

    • Betting on handicap draws

Handicap wagers are a great way to increase your profits while avoiding high risks. Through handicap betting, you are essentially supporting one team, so such wagers don’t involve placing a stake on a draw directly.

    • Betting on draw in the 1st half

Here’s one of the best draw betting tips – the first halves of football matches end up with draws much more often than the second ones. Most online bookies provide lower odds on half-time results, so consider applying a progressive betting strategy to such wagers.

    • Bets on draw in a system bet

One or two draw bets will perfectly complement any system wager. High odds offered by tie bets allow for significant profits if the system wins, while losing a draw bet won’t impact your finances much.

How to Predict Draws in Football Matches?

Predicting draws with 100% certainty is impossible (that’s why any betting app in Africa offers high odds for ties). Even professional punters struggle with draw wagers, so don’t expect to predict them all accurately. Consider applying all analysis methods discussed in this article and always conduct your own research before making any bets.

Can You Win from Draw Betting?

If you consistently analyze your predictions’ outcomes over a long period (possibly up to several years), achieving a 30% winning percentage is possible. This is enough to make profits, though you’ll need to adjust the wager amounts based on your previous experience.

How to make a bet on a Draw on Parimatch (Soccer)

  • Step 1

Visit the official Parimatch Tanzania website or use the company’s mobile application to log into your account.
How to make a bet on a Draw on Parimatch (Soccer) Step 1

    • Step 2

Find the bet you want to make and click on the odds to add it to the Betslip menu.
How to make a bet on a Draw on Parimatch (Soccer) Step 2

    • Step 3

Specify the amount you want to wager and confirm the bet in Betslip. If you need to create a parlay or a system, just switch to respective tabs in Betslip.