Trade Development


The Directorate is responsible for domestic market development, branding, product development, capacity building and advisory services.


The functions of the Directorate shall include:

  1. Build capacity of SMEs and other business operators through training programmes;
  2. Coordinate Product development services, (design,  styling, adaption, packaging, and labeling);
  3. Integrate Tanzania’s domestic market through provision of information on demand, production, supply and price of products.
  4. Advise the government on feasible market consistent policy interventions which are necessary in order to facilitate the integration of the domestic market.
  5. Advise the business community on feasible business strategies to promote better utilization of domestic production and trading potentials.
  6. To formulate business and marketing strategies, including growth plans for domestic market for locally produced goods
  7. Coordinate and implement consultancy services as per the Authority’s Mandate (incubation programmes, business write-ups, business plans, business coaching);
  8. Cooperate with technical institutions to develop optimal product portfolio, including new product development, quality management, product lifecycle management and creates the new product development roadmap.
  9. Formulate and coordinate mechanisms to monitor internal market systems and procedures.
  10. Advice  and promote branding of Tanzanian products and services

The Directorate will be headed by a Director and will have three Sections as follows:

  1. Product Development;
  2. Capacity Building and Advisory Services;
  3. Branding Section