Public Affairs and Communication

This Section is headed by a Principal Public Affairs and Communications Officer and undertake the following activities: -

  1. Enhance and maintain a good corporate image of the Authority with regard to trade development.
  2. Build, manage and maintain media relations with the government and its ministries, agencies, institutions and customers.
  3. Keep the general public informed of all relevant events and developments with regards to the Authority’s activities and programmes.
  4. Recommend new or amend procedures for obtaining and reporting information in areas where, either inadequate or not available in accordance with the needs of the Authority.
  5. Prepare and carrying out effective programmes of public relations with particular attention to different policies.
  6. Coordinate and prepare market promotional materials/advertisements within and outside the country.
  7. Prepare various publications such as press releases of the Authority.
  8. Prepare press conferences and meetings
  9. Examine and verify public opinions and advise on corrective measures