Procurement Management

The Section is headed by a Manager.


To provide expertise and services in procurement, storage and supply of goods and services to the Authority.

The Unit perform the following activities:-

  1. Manage all procurement and Disposal by tender activities of the Authority except adjudication and the award of contract,
  2. Support the functioning of the Tender Board
  3. Implement the decisions of the Tender Board.
  4. Act as a secretariat  to the Tender Board
    1. Plan the procurement and disposal by tender activities of the Authority.
    2. Recommend procurement and disposal by tender procedures
    3. Check and prepare statements of requirements  
    4. Prepare tendering documents.
    5. Prepare advertisements of tender opportunities  
    6. Prepare contract documents
    7. Issue approved contract documents  
    8. Maintain archive records of the procurement and disposal process
    9. Maintain a list or register of all contracts awarded,
    10. Prepare monthly reports for the Tender Board
    11. Prepare and submit to the management meeting quarterly report on the  implementation of the annual procurement plan
    12. Co-ordinate the procurement and disposal activities of all the departments of the Authority.
    13. Prepare other reports as may be required from time to time.