Legal Affairs

This Section is headed by a Corporation Secretary and will undertake the following activities: -


To provide legal expertise and advisory services to the Authority

The Unit will perform the following functions:-

  1. Advise the Authority on all legal related matters;
  2. Render effective legal assistance in the preparation of legal opinion, documents, reports and correspondences;
  3. Supervise and oversee the review, negotiation and drafting of contracts, contract tender documents and other legal documents as required by the Authority;
  4. Advise in the matter of preferring of appeals in courts and Judicial Bodies;
  5. Develop and review legal documents and instruments;
  6. Assist in the investigation and prosecution of cases involving the Authority;
  7. Liaise with the Attorney General and external lawyers on Authority’s legal matters;
  8. Liaise with appropriate Authorities on review of various legislations; and
  9. Coordinate preparation of internal regulations and guidelines.