ICT Section

This Section is headed by a Manager and undertake the following activities: -

  1. Ensure support for large scale and  high performance computing including installation and management of computer systems, workstations, operating systems, peripheral and system interface
  2. Ensure  proper management of user access and  security  of  the systems
  3. Monitor and maintain database security and database software.
  4. Provide advice to applications’ users on the effective use of database packages
  5. Develop and Oversee TanTrade  system security
  6. Manage Trade Information activities in the Authority
  7. Liaise with Zonal offices on systems and Trade Information Services to the clients
  8. Collects, analyze and disseminate trade information to the business community
  9. Manage Trade Information Centers (Tele-centers).
  10. Setting up and maintaining documentation standards
  11. Overseeing TanTrade  system security
  12. Set up and maintain documentation standards
  13. Check and inspect technical aspects of all ICT equipment procured by TanTrade
  14. Prepare technical report for acquisition of equipment and software.