Finance Section

This Section is be headed by a Chief Accountant and undertake the following activities: -

  1. Manage all financial matters of the Authority;
  2. Prepare Cash Flow Plans in accordance with approved action plans of the Authority;
  3. Maintain accounting systems, procedures and records in a form that conforms to the International accounting standards;
  4. Develop, implement and review internal financial regulations and accounting manuals;
  5. Prepare and submit periodic financial statement and reports;
  6. Scrutinize, verify and facilitate payments;
  7. Carryout routine bank reconciliation;
  8. Develop and implement internal financial and accounting policy for the authority
  9. Prepare all supporting information for the annual audit and  liaise with the external auditors as necessary/required.
  10. Prepare financial statements and other related statements;
  11. Provide inputs on preparation of plans and investments for the Authority;