External Marketing

This Section is headed by the Manager and it has the following functions:-

  1. Coordinate foreign business to business meetings
  2. Accredit all trade fair organizers and trade fair venues
  3. Coordinate incoming and outgoing Trade Missions
  4. Coordinate and participate in Bilateral, Regional and Multilateral Trade Negotiations meetings
  5. Coordinate and attend all Trade negotiation meetings (Non Tariff Barriers, Rules of Origin and Common Market)
  6. Coordinate all Cross Border trade matters
  7. Establishing sustainable contacts between Tanzania suppliers and overseas buyers.
  8. Link the domestic trade with foreign trade.
  9. Coordinate outgoing and incoming Trade Missions
  10. Coordinate Tanzania participation in Foreign Trade Fairs, Exhibitions and  Expos
  11. Regulate trade fair organizers and Venue owners
  12. Plan promotional materials like Catalogue, Brochure, Banners, etc.
  13. Facilitate the use of Mwl. Nyerere fair Ground for trade fairs and exhibitions by other fair organizers both from Tanzania and abroad.
  14. Establish sustainable contacts between Tanzania suppliers and overseas buyers.
  15. Identify products for display centers (Embassies, High Commission and Trade Centers Abroad).
  16. Provide consultancy and guidance to relevant organizations and the business community/ in export development.