Capacity Building and Advisory Services

This Section is headed by the Manager and it has the following activities: -

  1. Conduct training needs assessment for different groups in the country.
  2. Coordinate training programmes in different zones to ensure quality of training meets the desired needs (Packaging technology, techniques on costing and pricing, quality control, transport).
  3. Integrate innovative marketing, business development strategies and sales lines of business focused on SMEs’ needs.
  4. Coordinate promotion, marketing and delivery of the SMEs products and services locally, nationally and internationally by encouraging the realization of networking and promotion strategies.
  5. Interact with learning and other institutions to organize and carry out entrepreneurial programmes as per TanTrade strategic plan.
  6. Assist in providing marketing linkages and access for SMEs products through conventional and non conventional means.
  7. Carry out advisory and mentoring services to SMEs.